A good start and a strong race

The 07/29/2012

A good start and a strong race

For the 10th time of the season at the finish line, Jean-Eric Vergne did a new strong race. Classified 16th, the Frenchman could have done better without several misadventures.

“I had a really good start, passing both Saubers and a Force India, which then pushed me wide at the first corner, so I lost position and dropped behind the two Caterhams” said Jean-Eric. “I got past both of them and after that I was behind Kobayashi and then Daniel, who was a bit quicker, as I had started on old Options and he was on new ones.”

“When I made my stop for new Options, I came out behind Kobayashi and was behind him for all that stint, which was a shame as it meant Daniel was pulling away from me and I felt I could have been quicker.”

“Towards the end, the pace was not that good and in the closing stages I had to make an unscheduled fourth stop because debris in a side pod was causing an overheating problem. Without that I would have been just behind or just ahead of Daniel. The break? I’d rather be racing!”

Formula 1 takes few weeks off. The next race will be at the end of August in Belgium, on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps track.