Discovering Canada

The 06/08/2012

Discovering Canada

Jean-Eric will be doing his first laps on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in his Toro Rosso during Friday’s first practice run. But before that the French driver had the opportunity to discover Quebec for the first time.After arriving in Montreal last Friday, Jean-Eric and his fitness coach headed north to Lake Sacacomie. “It’s an incredible place, surrounded by nature,” says JEV.

 “We spent three very pleasant days there. The time was devoted to sport, of course, but also some unusual activities such as canoe-kayaking, fishing and a flight in a seaplane… We even saw bears! We had three cool and relaxing days in a fantastic place. It gave me a real break to prepare properly for the race in peace and quiet.”

Journalists from the RDS Canada channel met Jean-Eric and recorded some scenes:

Tuesday, back to Montreal. Before going to the racecourse for the traditional lap with his engineers, the ceremony that really gets the drivers into the racing weekend, Jean-Eric stopped by the Cirque du Soleil in Montreal.“It’s my first time to come to Canada, which is why we decided to see a bit of the country before the Grand Prix. It enabled us to get over the jet lag and above all to arrive in top form for this seventh race of the season.”