Jean-Eric Vergne 15th in India

The 10/28/2012

Jean-Eric Vergne 15th in India

The Indian Grand Prix will not stay as the best one of the season. 15th at the fnish line, Jean-Eric gained experience on this track, and this is the most important. After a contact with Michael Schumacher at the start, the Frenchman had a good pace on race, making several interesting overtaking.

“Immediately after the lights went out, I was caught up in a bit of a sandwich and had to brake harder and earlier than I wanted to” said Jean-Eric. “That meant I locked my wheels and made contact with the back of Schumacher’s car. It broke my front wing, so I had to pit and my race was more or less over after that.”

“I continued to push as hard as I could, trying to do good lap times, but the performance of my car has not really been that great this weekend. In one way, it’s a race to forget, but in another sense, we have to see what we can learn from it, so that we arrive in better shape in Abu Dhabi.”

“We have seen that, even when races are just one week apart, it doesn’t mean one’s performance is going to be the same at both of them, so we can be optimistic about the next round.”

Next stop is Abu Dhabi in one week, a track where Jean-Eric has already driven a Formula 1 before. A good opportunity to be back in the points.